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1.     Winch with Plain drum 

     This is the most commonly used configuration. The rope is at the drum and travels  the barrel. 

2.  Winch with Extended drum (fig1) 

     The winch with extended drum to suit a wide variety of application 

3.  Winch with Grooved drum (fig 2) 

     Parallel grooving evenly distributes the load between and show to increases the life of the

      wire rope. Reduction of rope damage benefits the safety operation.  

4.  Winch with two ropes in opposite winding (fig 3) 

     It can be used as a traversing winch to move a carriage forwards and backwards in two

      direction on a level. The drum Is grooved for one rope, with a second rope fastening attachment on the drum. 

5.  Winch with several ropes (fig 4)               

            The winch is grooved for two or several ropes with additional wire rope fastening         
              attachment. Rope pays in and out together.